Sunday, February 1, 2009



i'm thinking.

have i been in love?


am i in love now?

=( no

do i wanna to be?

haha who doesn't want to be in love? i sure do.

are you looking?

my eyes are wide open.

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Kristy-Lee said...

yeah i think everyone would love to find that peaceful place where you feel at ease and that there is someone that only wants goodness for you always!

those people are the lucky ones.... i'm sure still not without there own challenges, but able to know that they have the strength to overcome anything especially with the support of that loved one!!!!

i think that you, of all people i've ever known, deserve and shall find someone that will adore you for all that you are and will be, and will allow you to grow and allow you to stumble along the way because no matter what they will be there to catch you fall or to remind you how to make those wings soar again.....

number 1