Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Dream Last Night...

I just woke up and had to write this blog about a dream I had last night.

So here goes, a glimpse into my subconscious mind...

In my dream I was invited to be a judge on a panel at my old highschool. It was for an acting competition.

I remember that two of my friends from highschool were competing. They were still the ages that they were in highschool. One of them was my friend Michael and the other Paul. They were eligible to compete because they had enrolled in an acting class provided by the school. It was their turn to present their acting project.

They had some kind of a record player and they were reading/acting from a script. I don't remember the exact details, but their presentation was almost exactly like all of the other presentations that the other judges and I had seen.

When it was my turn to critique their project I told them that I was a little bit disappointed. I knew how passionate about acting these guys were and I expected more out of them.

First, I told them it that looked like they were just following a standard model and doing what everyone else was doing. Instead of being creative and original. They offered numerous excuses as to why their project wasn't a show stopper. I reminded them that acting is about being creative and original, inspiring and entertaining. Their project was none of the above!

One of the two guys replied, this is just a stupid school contest and it doesn't matter if we win it.

In my dream I could feel myself focusing and going into a sort of tunnel vision. Then I said, hey man, you do realize that there are teachers and other faculty in the audience right now... right?

If you inspired the audience and showed them how intensely passionate about acting you are... a few of them would get behind you. Notice I said "a few". Then I said, getting teachers to help you move forward in your career, reminds of me something that you'll need in the future, if you continue to act. A MANAGER or AGENT.

I reminded them that if they're not able to convince a group of teachers, who are willing and maybe even eager to help them, they surely will not be able to score a manager in the harsh realities of the entertainment business. Especially in New York or Los Angeles. I told them that this competition is a perfect opportunity for them to begin to water the seeds of their acting careers.

I then reminded them of the time when they were signing up for the acting class, months ago. I said, I bet when you were going through the available classes, deciding which ones you wanted to take... I bet you chose acting because it would be fun and more bearable than the boring math and science classes. They nodded their heads. Then I said to one of the boys, I know how you are about acting, you talk about it all the time. But here you are, choosing not to step into the spotlight on stage and show these people how bad you want it... how great you are.

Their faces were a bit red.

I then said, thats not how a mother fucking champion acts bitch. lol... idk why I said that.

Then I looked away from the two guys and looked around the audience. After looking around for a second, I realized that the auditorium was full of children. My face turned red and I immediately apologized to one of the teachers near me.

She leaned forward and whispered, "thats alright, they all needed to hear that."

- Then I woke up and told my girlfriend my dream. Then I came to the computer and wrote it for you.

Wlecmoe to the Wrlod of RJ