Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Truth

Lets talk about the truth.

What is the truth?

Idk you tell me.

truth is whats real.


yeah. truth is, life is not about money, its not about clothes, its not about looking pretty. it ain't about none of that bullcrap that we surround ourselves in.

so what is the truth then?

uh... idk man.

any guesses?

i mean everybody has theirn own views. i have my views on what life is about, and what i feel is right. its probably not what everybody else feels like. so my views of what life is about will lead to who i am and what i will do in life. and shape you too. you know what i mean? right? right? what else are you living for.

what do you mean by that.

i mean, you're doing what you feel is the right thing to do. thats how people live right? you do what you feel is right you throughout life. me? i feel like life is about giving back. what are you living for?

hm... i dont know what i'm searching for. its weird, and hard to explain. but i have this feeling inside of me that tells me "don't you dare quit it!." (they both laugh) so, that kind of acts like a propreller on a boat that is floating downstream anyway! ya know? what is the boat heading towards? well right now its music, then something after that. i can't say exactly what the destinations are going to be like, but i can say one thing for sure... "I am enjoying the ride."

"This conversation was documented by a typist as it happened and received NO revisions before posting to the internet"