Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello LA - Farewell Nashville

I moved from Nashville to LA last week. My surroundings have changed - so my lifestyle has changed as a result.

Subconscious: Los Angeles is on planet earth; but it feels like another universe. The people here are no different than the ones back home; but they seem like a different species.

I just counted on my fingers the number of people that I met in the last 5 days in LA who could change my music career for the better. The number is 5. That's 1 a day since I've been here.

Subconscious: I hope I can keep that up. One a day?! My music will be catapulted into the stratosphere of platinum record sales, 100 foot yachts, and happiness. Well... maybe not happiness. But material gain at least. Thats good right? Thats why we're on earth right? To buy things?

I went shopping at a store called Trader Joe's on Ventura Avenue for some breakfast grub this morning. They had all kinds of stuff that they don't offer at the local IGA back home. The food there seems to be more unique, organic, annnnnnnnnd cheaper!

Subconscious: Wow, the kids that I grew up with... the ones that decided to live in the same zip code as their parents... the ones who probably aren't chasing their dreams... living in quiet desperation... they're really missing out. Trader Joe's is the bomb! :)

I received a text message a second ago. The girl asked me if she should call me Rusty J, Rusty, or Jason.

Subconscious: Hmm.... well... if you need to ask me that question; go ahead and call me Rusty J. Rusty J... thats not my birth name. I wonder how my mom feels about my decision to change my name. Does it make her feel weird inside when she hears people call me that?

Wow... I just let you look into my mind. I wonder what it's like inside of yours?