Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Climbing to the Top


In elementary school
I saw this picture
It looked kinda cool
Two faces and a vase

Which did I want to see?
The vase or the face?
Two living people that breathe
Or a piece of lifeless pottery?

July 29th
After work
I learned
That people have two sides

This Wednesday
Sitting here
I learned
That I'm the only one who is Really down to Ride

The loud speaker sayS,
"kkkshhhhh. this is your captain speaking,
the crew and i have a little new flash, c
we're the ones who run this ship,
and you're just a passenger."?

This life lesson is painful,

With every negative seed that is planted,
There is a positive seed
Of equal and usually greater value
Right Along Side.

I am a champion,
and I will crush you,
if you're a fraud.