Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Creative Expression

Painting by: Mary Susan Simmons

What is Creative Expression?

Hm... good question. lol

I think that "Where" Creative Expression comes from should be addressed first... in order to answer that question. (the way I would answer it)

- I think that maybe, thoughts come from the interaction between our outside surroundings and our mind.

In my case, my senses (sound, sight, etc...) detect things around me. Then a message is sent to my brain. Next, I think, the left and right sides of my brain interpret the information that my senses are sending.

Again, in my case, the emotional side usually has a stronger response/reaction.
So... I react emotionally.

Since I'm a songwriter, those emotional feelings and thoughts tend to turn into songs. But they don't ONLY turn into songs. They also turn/manifest themselves into other forms of Creative Expression. Sometimes I just sit down and draw... or doodle. Other times, I write a blog. When I don't wanna do that, I open up Adobe Photoshop and I redesign my MySpace page.... or update my Status on my facebook page.
MY... Creative Expression. Fun ay?

It's almost like "Life Is a Tv Show".
Song Title - Copyright 2009.