Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rusty J: Finding a Balance in Life

I'm working furiously. More focused, precise and strategically than ever before.

Profound Thought:
When you're able to create and experience extreme positive emotions, you are also able to experience extreme negative emotions.

Widely Known Quote:
Life is all about finding a balance.

Making an Effort:
In the photo above, I'm taking a break away from music... to experience a simple and wonderful aspect of life. "Friendship"

- I'm not a bible thumping preacher... I'm Rusty J, a Pop recording artist who shares his feelings with his friends online.

By: Rusty J

Monday, September 8, 2008

Acting Like Mr. Cool


You have made quite a change haven't you? The songs in your myspace jukebox aren't booty shakin' songs! They've actually got a message - Congrats!

I've gotta tell ya, I'm kinda proud uh ya. Now now now, don't let that go to your head. Cause I'll have you know... "I'll be the first one to pop your bubble and bring you back down to reality."

But am willing to give credit where credit is due. And my friend Rusty J... credit is due to YOU. Oh, that made you smile! Cute!! Yes I think your cute... and if that inflates your ego, I will think less of you. No matter how hot and cutting edge your music is!

Do you remember when you used to play basketball with your brother on the gravel driveway in Hannibal, you know, back then? haha What about when your friends lowered the basketball rim and had slam dunking contests? LOL and you couldn't dunk because you were too short! Don't worry Mugsy... you'll grow. Mwuah, there's a kiss to make you feel better.

So what do you think of Los Angeles? Oh yeah? I'm glad you like it. I like it too. It's very diverse and more conscious of fashion. Pretty cool. Speaking of cool... you look pretty cool in that picture I posted with this blog. You look confident in it... I think its kinda sexy. lol =)

Well... I've gotta go for now. My friends are waiting for me in Beverly Hell. I mean, Beverly Hills. Call me kay? Ciao

Written by: Angela Jordan

"But more probably won't make you more happy Mr. J."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello LA - Farewell Nashville

I moved from Nashville to LA last week. My surroundings have changed - so my lifestyle has changed as a result.

Subconscious: Los Angeles is on planet earth; but it feels like another universe. The people here are no different than the ones back home; but they seem like a different species.

I just counted on my fingers the number of people that I met in the last 5 days in LA who could change my music career for the better. The number is 5. That's 1 a day since I've been here.

Subconscious: I hope I can keep that up. One a day?! My music will be catapulted into the stratosphere of platinum record sales, 100 foot yachts, and happiness. Well... maybe not happiness. But material gain at least. Thats good right? Thats why we're on earth right? To buy things?

I went shopping at a store called Trader Joe's on Ventura Avenue for some breakfast grub this morning. They had all kinds of stuff that they don't offer at the local IGA back home. The food there seems to be more unique, organic, annnnnnnnnd cheaper!

Subconscious: Wow, the kids that I grew up with... the ones that decided to live in the same zip code as their parents... the ones who probably aren't chasing their dreams... living in quiet desperation... they're really missing out. Trader Joe's is the bomb! :)

I received a text message a second ago. The girl asked me if she should call me Rusty J, Rusty, or Jason.

Subconscious: Hmm.... well... if you need to ask me that question; go ahead and call me Rusty J. Rusty J... thats not my birth name. I wonder how my mom feels about my decision to change my name. Does it make her feel weird inside when she hears people call me that?

Wow... I just let you look into my mind. I wonder what it's like inside of yours?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Music Business vs. The Solitary Walker

The beautiful music business through the eyes of a solitary walker!

The starving artist shapes their life around the possibility of being the next big thang.

The driven label executive shapes his/her life around making money through the manifestation of the starving artists vision.

Zee artist wakes up every morning tasting the "lack of substantial success" in his/her mouth. A funk that Listerine won't fix with 45 seconds of swishing.

Zee executive rises from their semi-comfy bed with the hunger for more of the "semi-success" that they've had the pleasure to dine on.

In some ways, the artist is dependent on the executive.

In many ways, the executive is dependent on the artist.

In many cases, the artist gets the raw end of every dealing he or she has with the executive.

In more than one way, the executive realizes a larger monetary gain than the horse who is pulling the plow. <-- Artist


Those days are gone.

In this day, the artist gives and receives. Instead of just giving.

In this day, the executive crawls to eat at the table with the self-made artist.


Watch it happen before your very eyes.