Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New City Design

This is a proposed model for a sustainable city.

If you haven't seen the movie Zeitgeist 2, then you should...

When I watch documentaries and research things online,

I consider it an investment in my awareness.

With that said,

in today's rapidly changing world,

intellectual capital is more valuable,

than ever before.

So I watched Zeitgeist and then I read the book "The Giver".

I hope you will, but bet you won't.

So do they, except they don't hope you will,

they assume you won't.

Tow Me Away

There I was,

Feeling on top of the world.

Going right.

Like you,

Chasin' a buck.

Almost there,

Then Hydro plane thru a massive puddle.

Car stops.

Missed the buck,

Horrible Luck,

WHAT THE fffffffff.....!!!

The Magical Carpet Ride

what happens when you've been riding on the magical carpet so long,

that you begin to anticipate what will happen next?

if you're actually on a magical carpet ride,

is that possible?

is it pos


to predict what will happen around the next turn?

do you think that you can predict what will happen in your life in 2 weeks time?

after you honestly answer that,