Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I'm sitting on a red suede couch right now. It's very flashy, unlike the couch that I used to fall asleep on after school.

Here's a little trivia that only my high school friends know:

One of the houses that I grew up in was surrounded by a cow pasture. lol Literally! lol My brother and I used to always talk about going cow tippin' but we never did... too scared that my mom would catch us and we'd be grounded.

I'm home sick. Can ya tell?

Don't get me wrong. I am really enjoying myself in California. It's a very fast paced, fashionable, musically inclined, fun and cool place to live. It's a different lifestyle than where I grew up though. So it doesn't feel very familiar. Ya know?

Wanna know what I really want?

I want to have a big southern house in the middle of nowhere. I'm talkin' about a place where you don't hear cars all the time. A place where you're surrounded by the sound of crickets at night.

I wanna swing on the porch and feel the breeze while I lazily gaze around and enjoy the serenity of the moment. Maybe I'll even learn how to play the harmonica. My mom told me that my grandfather was a heck of a hamonica player. Maybe I'll be naturally good at it....

Did you know that I used to live in Nashville?

Well I did. And I loved it. I had to move to California for music... but I really want to go back.

There was a back road that I always used to drive on while the sun was setting. For about a mile stretch, there were very big hills that used to look beautiful when the sun was setting. I miss that.

It's not just the sunsets and the crickets that I miss... it's the lifestyle. The calm and easy going lifestyle.

It's easy like sunday morning


Halahblue said...

I know exactly what you mean. Also, I've always wanted a country house with those old school, big wraparound porches, to relax and enjoy. I also want to learn how to play harmonica.

I thought Nashville was a pretty big city...were you in a suburb or does it just kind of sprawl?

Halahblue said...

I just tagged you in a blog meme, you lax blogger you. =)

MisFriz said...

Go back to the farm, man. California's just a dream. I grew up there. Fortunately, my parents didn't and I ended up in BFE Nebraska when I was 12. There's a house in the town where I graduated that is also in the middle of a cow pasture. Once upon a time, someone lived there, but now the cows wander in and out. I used to drive by it often and just watch. I found it fascinatingly odd while everyone around me barely noticed. Now, that oddness has become my norm. I love the simplicity of just being, sister, girlfriend, friend and whatever else life requires me to be moment to moment. Chase your dreams, Rusty J...but hold on to that home in your heart.