Thursday, August 6, 2009

Valley Village - I'm Tryin'

I'm tryin' not to be sad
I'm workin' real hard
On Being Strong

Pictures of the fellas
#15 and #16
I'm tryin' to be Strong

Ant James Jay Rich 'n' B...
and Where's Ev?
He's over seas

Throw the your C.P's up!
Jim and Ice in the cup
Spicy Pasta Next Door!
Move away?! What for?!?!?!

Goodluck to Rusty J
We'll Miss You
Until you come back

Now I'm sittin' on the futon
I slept on
About 10 times

I'm lookin' at my clothing
Gettin' sentimental
Water in the eyes

I remember goin' to the store
Shoppin' for fabric 'n' more
Watching Tony build the booth
Meditating, Seekin' the truth

I made choices that changed my life
Slept in my car on the street over night

Felt my soul
Soar among others
Moved in with friends
Soon called them brothers

If any of them are reading
Know that I'm paying the ultimate price
Leaving true friendship and new love behind me
Now California will always remind me




1 comment:

Halahblue said...

Beautiful. You are quite possibly one of the strongest people I have ever met.