Monday, July 20, 2009

The Stranger

I had a conversation with a man today in Beverly Hills.

He said, "Rusty... make sure you laugh a lot"

He also talked about God, Love, & Financial Stability.

Again, I met another stranger on my journey that helped me re-focus and remember what my life is about.

Life is a mysterious and wonderful thing. =)


Halahblue said...

It's amazing how such simple words or a simple gesture can really impact a person. It's a reminder to continue to live openly and pay attention.

What would your day or week have been like, how would your thoughts have been different, if you hadn't heard what that man said to you because you were in a hurry?

Kristy-Lee said...

and what did you come up with?...

what is your life really about?

those questions seemed so easy back when there was less to lose, now the choices we make on a daily basis not only affect us but those people that exist within our lives as well - even the man in the store!